dreams of korea

At times I find myself daydreaming about Ja kwang sa and wondering if it was real or just a dream…..

I must have listened to the intro on the site a dozen times. It’s how the morning prayers were started at so early… waking up to the gong and then the older monk in the yard chanting as I would sleepily get out of bed and make my way upstairs to the temple. It was surreal and beautiful.

I’m so torn. I fell in love with korea. coming back to the states has really been depressing. not that staying in korea would have been any better. it’s not an easy country for a foreigner. i just feel that we were on the right path. we were contemplating teaching english for a while and then moving onto volunteer and possibly work with orphanages. we would have been doing something…. something good. and now… we own a bar.

stepping stone. that’s what this is. i have to constantly remind myself this IS a temporary thing. i have to keep my head above water and look at the big picture. we have so many good things going on right now. korea will be there when we are ready to go back.

I’ve been meditating on this quote for a while and keep coming back to it…

“The way to truth is within you. Discover your fundamental mind, freely take care of whatever confronts you, and live a worthwhile life.” — Daehaeng Kun Sunim

ps no i’m really not going to look into the staff writing position i mentioned in the previous post.


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2 Responses to dreams of korea

  1. Brian says:

    Aww, so no poetic porn from Syllky, eh? Damn, I was looking forward to that.

  2. sylkk says:

    lol… who knows ~ maybe as a last resort?!

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