standing in the shower thinking…..

what a good friday it’s gonna be with a day off of workie and laying out at the beach sipping on something fun in the sun; Of course chores come first w/ cleaning the house and getting it ready to show on Saturday cause it’s for sale and already in the past twenty four hours we’ve had two calls…. no problemo at all selling this casa even though the market is dropping and blah blah blah.. I hate the news, in the cola we have a fond term for the crap that is our paper fondly called the mullet wrapper; the mullet being a shit fish that I would strongly advise to not eat…. There are so many things I love about this town however there are equally as many things that need to be worked on and it’s always a struggle of power, money and politics. Always about the dinero…… makes me sick to my stomach. I know the only way to make a difference is to get involved but even then when you do it seems you are infected as well and well there goes making a difference as your ideals and morals are warped with the individuals you surround yourself with. It’s a vicious cycle happening in communities all over the world. What happened to the pursuit of happiness? What happened to doing something good, something positive for the hell of it just to bring a smile to someone’s face? The more I read, the more I think, the more I need to know and I look forward to being able to put this in action…. I know without a doubt this next year is going to test my human-being-ness. I want to not only be up to this challenge but come out a stonger, wiser, healthier person with a capacity for patience and love like I ‘ve never had before…… peace out ~


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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