mixed emotions and drawn together

There’s so much going on I sometimes wonder how to put it all into perspective…..
I find myself drawing away from friends and vice versa or I’m sitting quietly listening in the midst.
I had someone ask me the other day if we were excited and in the same breath if I was tired of people asking about the trek into the wide open and then how happy she was for us… I told her no that I was thankful for the individuals giving us blessings… occasionally you have that one person who is all like you guys are crazy.. why would you do such a thing, sell your house, quit your jobs and go… sheesh… really though, its an exercise in patience as I’m learning, with myself and also my relationship…. to have patience and take time in the moment. Also to be considerate of my boy… I all too often am stubborn and want to do things my way and when I want to do them instead of taking his thoughts into consideration…. I also get frustrated and want to either pull my hair out or bang my head up against a wall and or just cry….. However, there’s no turning back now so upward and onward and hopefully by August 4 I’ll be halfway ready, mind, body and soul…….. and he will be too…..

We were talking the other night as the departure date has been put into motion and this becomes a reality… remembering when we began dating and made lists of places we wanted to go together… I don’t think Seoul was on the list but what an experience to share…..


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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