challenges and confrontations

pretty much sums it up

I was thinking of what I wanted to say and or write
my sleepy eyes and brain don’t want to let it out
at the moment
though not for lack of sleep since bedtime came early last night at 8
didn’t even have a crazy out of control weekend either
wanting to leave that as more of a thing of the past
have also decided to forego mardi gras this year
even though it could be the “last” one for a while something tells me
it’ll still be here should I have the urge to rejoin a krewe.

okay maybe a train of thought was what I needed instead of listening to very boring dictation this morning with crappy classical music in the background and yes such a thing exists.

I’ve been receiving mixed reviews to our impending plans. Both of our mothers are worried and I suppose for just cause… but we’ll be okay, no matter what and it’s really only a big of a deal as you make it. We’re going into this with wide eyes open; reading and doing as much research as possible. July is the target date to leave by. The house goes on the market by the end of the month and everything in it must go.. anybody want to move to Pensacola??

A huge concern of course was our cats and dogs, ie children…. however several friends and family members have kindly stepped in and offered to take care and more importantly love them. I’m still going to have a hard time letting my cats (part of my sanity) go. I keep wondering to myself “where and what will I be doing this time of year?” … and I have not a clue… and it makes laugh; the unknowing and uncertainty of adventure.

So what prompted this not so common of an idea you might be wondering that we up and go… a lot of things really and the idea that it could be a possibility hit us when we went to Costa Rica this summer. Granted Korea is a hell of a lot further away….. just means the more prepared we need to be. For as long as we’ve known each other (going on something like twelve years now) it’s an idea we’ve half jokingly tossed around. The american so called “dream” is not a life we particularly want to be a part of. The eight to five doing meaningless dribble is so old it makes me want to puke sometimes. And although I love this city by the gulf, the openmindedness it so likes to believe it has is really not so much. This is an opportunity to get out and explore, do some volunteer work, immerse ourselves in different cultures, different beliefs and open ourselves up to true possibility.

Maybe not the easiest undertaking…. but that’s not the point.
Besides its never too late/early for a life change. I always been of the thought that “everything happens for a reason” be it right or wrong… and this is something I feel is right… but it couldn’t have happened any sooner.

So I’ve started restructuring everything to get ready for these next short six months
working out in the mornings before work (I’m not the best morning person), trying to eat organic and healthier foods… I’m somewhat leery of eating meat outside of the US. Give me seafood and I’ll be just fine. Red wine only on the weekends (and in limited amount – a bottle is okay right?), Yoga in the evenings and korean instruction on the way to and from work…. I’ll be glad when I start adjusting a bit better. 5 3 0 in the a m comes awful early….

One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” H. Miller


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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