so this

is the thinking of what’s going to happen in the projected 6-8 months
We’re selling the house
selling pretty much everything we have
relatives and family members taking the kitties and puppies in our absence and
moving to South Korea for a stint
Which requires a bit of work and preparation on our part not to mention a bit of a challenge
however I believe it will all be worthwhile

You may ask why SK? you see that’s where he was born yet he has no knowledge, no culture to identify with so that’s where we start.

I have loads to learn, tons of research and to put my worldly posessions in order.
At times, it’s a holy shit we gonna really do this and at other times I’m holy shit this is going to kick my ass but in a good way and besides… I’ve always wanted to be an expat. heh.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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