bah humbug

In a attempt to get into the holiday spirit I went to get Christmas cards. Nothing fancy thinking Target would be the ideal place. However the parking lot was jam packed so I drove past thinking why aren’t these people working? How do they have the luxury of being here in the middle of the day… my mood towards Christmas substantially worsened.

This week has been killing me at work keeping so busy I hardly have time to think which might be good considering I was thinking I needed a part time job to occupy my spare time, ha! spare time, indeed!! My day yesterday was so thrown off by the lady in the drive through at the local coffee shop. They make excellent Chai Lattes; I call ahead, go through and easy peasy my day is set however the lady in front had a rather large order and of course it wasn’t right. I had to pull out of line, park, get out, go inside and wait at the freaking counter to get my tea. She was still sitting there when I came back out and the line behind her wrapped around the building. Moral of the story? If you have a large to go food order GO INSIDE.

I had the busiest day from hell and was cranky from my morning episode. I come home, walk upstairs and my orange cat is in the process of attacking my sister’s cat. I go to pick him up by the scruff of his neck, he turns around and fucking bites me. my arm has been sore all day and his is in the doghouse. shitty kitty.


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