something new every day

this is just plain randomness on my lunch break .. reading an article in Slate on biased book reviews really tell us something we didn’t already know and yes bloggers would be a perfectly capable vehicle for sorting that issue out however I’m getting sidetracked Rushdie had a fatwar issued against him, a rather serious threat, but borderline ridiculous at the same time….. looking through other info on the site, Mark Twain as well as a number of political figures are/have been Masons…. a/k/a “secret society for men to gossip akin to the womens oh so influential sewing circle I learned that “The Freemasons secretly rule the world?” (sure….) led me to the Illuminati and the first rule of the Illuminati was DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI

I have to stop now … from falling over with laughter

all in all it’s an interesting read if you’re looking to kill some time

btw, british obits are hilarious, really…maybe a little long


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