she called out of the blue
asking how I was
saying how she had missed us hanging out together

I was in the middle of something and told her I’d call her later
I forgot for a day to return her call and as I was headed out to the beach
decided to see if she wanted to join

A few hours later she showed up talking about what she had done the night before
and who she had seen and blah blah blah
It was nice to see her but some things never change

After we’d had enough of the sun and saltwater, decided to go over to the weigh in to see big fish that’d been caught from the weekend’s fishing tournament having lots of boys we knew in it and besides buckets of corona were around ten bucks.

there was this trampoline thing where you put yourself in harness, they hoist you up and you are free to flip and jump for about a period of five minutes…after watching all the little kids do it we couldn’t resist and gave in. I might go back this weekend and try front flips.

You know though, the only reason she called was b/c she asked another friend if I was mad at her….. She really should’ve just asked me herself. It was nice seeing her though.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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