I know, I know I’ve been slacking on my posts … however, it’s been nice taking a step back, besides I removed sitemeter and somehow since a weight has been lifted.

I have a bone to pick… I have no problem with smoking weed. It’s something I really enjoy, mostly on the weekends since I need my braincells during the week. I made an exception for 4.20, giving in to friends urges to celebrate (like we’re in high school or something) the day. At any rate this contraption was encountered similiar to a gravity bong with the exception a plastic bag was used instead of water. Now, I am spoiled cause I only smoke out of a glass bong and get pretty decent weed. This thing (they were calling it a “lung”) was specifically designed to get a person high with cheap weed making the most out of it. Now in my professional opinion, good weed should not be wasted as such. However caution was thrown to the wind and when it was handed to me I had no choice but to inhall. It was awful. I went outside drinking my second glass of wine to smoke a cig and enjoy the weather however I couldn’t even do that having to go back inside, sit in the kitchen and drink a few glasses of water just to feel slightly better. Yeah, there will be no more smoking out of this device, from now sticking to the bong or a pipe.

Happy 4.20 a few days late.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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