weekend loverliness

I get to sleep in tomorrow, my sleep pattern is all fucked up with too many dreams and waking up a conjillion times trying to get comfortable and or kicking both dogs off the bed since they seem to think they’re entitled to sleep right on/next to me squishing me too death.

Tonight I’m going to see a hockey game and drink beer and say “heck fire” as many times as possible in a southern/red neck accent and see who else thinks it’s hilariously funny

Fortunately, since the NHL sucks monkey balls, we have a ECHL team that’s in the finals for the Kelly Cup
Last night wasn’t so good so maybe they’ll come back and kick their ass seabass and if not give us some good ole fashioned physical contact which always gets the crowd excited.

Tomorrow I plan on laying the in the sun and drinking more beer cause weekends here in the spring/summer are almost like a minature vacation except you get to sleep in your own bed at the end of the day or if you’re really lucky and single maybe you can find a vacationing tourist in which to seduce for a night not that I’ve ever been so brazen to do so but plenty of hot girls
I know have.
Speaking of not that I mind all that much our tourist season is going to be shit. Only a few hotels and resturants have been able to reopen so far, although they keep saying by mid June things will be somewhat back to normal however the going rates for blue angel weekend are around $300 a night which is absurd. Who in their right mind wants to pay that much to stay at a hurricane damaged beach?

cest la vie

drink some beer or wine for me and have a really good warm and sunny weekend.

I’ll work on taking some new fun pics


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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