Pesky birds these are.
I enjoy hearing their calls to each other when I’m not at the beach for it means I’m close and this gives me a sense of comfort.
However, never, never, never, NEVER feed the damn birds!!! And it’s almost always the tourists….
It starts off innocently enough feeding a few, the delight on the kids faces as a couple of birds join the fray, some of the adults giving way to the childish urges and engaging also in the sport. Soon enough you have a flock. What comes along with this is birds shitting everywhere.
It irritates me to no end. I will get up and move, cursing you under my breath.

While at the beach Sunday afternoon, basking in the warm sun admist the multitude of people happy to be there, the conversation subject at hand was getting shit on by said seagull. I happily replied this had never happened to me at all. Stories were swapped back and forth and soon enough I was almost napping for a tiny piece of heaven is napping on the beach in the afternoon sun when my heaven was interrupted with a nice little “plop” right in the middle of my head. I sat straight up, stood up, and ran through the people to get to the water. Even though it was chilly, I was undeterred. I must have washed my head in the salt water at least ten times to convince myself it was out. When I made it back to my spot everyone was still laughing. It was karma. We did agree it couldn’t have been a more perfect place to get shit on by a seagull.

P.S. Please DON”T feed the seagulls. Thanks.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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