all about running (not really)

I’m not a runner
this is something I know
Actually I hate running even though it’s the best way to get in shape in a short amount of time.

So Tuesday I was enticed with the offer of a deal on beer if I went and ran a 5K not really knowing how long a 5K (3.5 miles or so) is also with the stipulation I would not “run” the whole thing stating I’d prefer to fall over dead rather than run the entire time. So off we went, cursing my friends name in the middle of the damn thing as my sides hurt wondering what the hell was I doing. Afterwards, promises of discounts on pitchers of good beer made it all worthwhile. I have been sore for the past two days but hell, I’m going again on Saturday this time raising money to help establish a Susan Komen foundation here in NW Florida. All for a good cause eh?
Maybe they’ll have beer afterwards too?? Probably not.

Tuesdays are going to be a staple since if you run 6 times you get a nifty running club tshirt and four dollar pitchers of good beer which is a hard thing to pass up any which way you want to try. Who knows maybe by my 6th time I’ll actually be able to run most of it. I’m not goal oriented, can you tell? I am on a mission to get in shape (at least for the moment).


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