live to tell

this weekend my mom introduced me to the wonderment surrounding Josh Groban, a twentyfour year old with a voice that can rival the best operatic singers and will only get better with age.

My mom was introduced to hurricanes at Pat O’Brian’s on Bourbon where the saying goes, “one will do you, two will screw you.”

Breakfast at Mother’s of course with bloody mary’s was a must the next day before taking a walkabout through the quarter. Taking in all the sights, sounds and of course a little smell although this time of year it’s not that bad.

Jackson Square is always full of street perfomers, fortune tellers, artists, what have you and since it was her first time here she wanted to stop for touristy things so we stopped at the amphitheater to watch a group named the calypso tumblers. It was nice sitting in the sun on the steps watching these talented guys flip though each other and the air telling parents to take care of their kids and preaching equality.

Good food, a really great bar and excellent music ended the weekend leaving me a bit tired and wishing I had the day off to sleep. However no rest for the wicked they say. Once again, a wonderful trip with my mom whom I adore more than anything in the whole world and can hold her own.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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