the best things

listening to kind of blue after a long/shitty day at work makes everything all better not to mention an at least eleven pound long haired orange kitty sitting in your lap loudly purring. He is my sanity.

It’s been a rather cranky day with the boy leaving again not being able to see him til next Sunday.

Think grabbing a bite and a glass of wine with some friends is in order and coming home to take a nice long hot bubblebath.

Overheard a conversation this afternoon, she was telling her friend, “I don’t think I’ll ever leave this job, I’m too attached to it.”

I sometimes wish I had that kind of dedication. The longest period I stayed at one place was a little over five years and it was waiting tables. The next was at a law firm where I stayed for three years. Now, my one year anniversary is almost up and I’m chomping at the bit asking myself once again “what is next?”

I need to be patient I tell myself and stay where I am for the moment. I’m just bored.

This weekend will not be that way for off to the cresent city I am taking my mother to see this guy Josh Groban who I am almost convinced every woman in her fifties is madly in love with.
So a mother/daughter weekend this will be looking most forward to as always eating spectacular food and of course drinking.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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