sitting at work
going stir crazy
I’m not meant to sit this still for this long especially when it’s weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Friday which means I’m doing something fun that most definitely involves drinking later on even more fun and the boy who I adore more than anything is home after what seems like years on end and a new tradition is going to ensue and it’s going to be called rambling fridays, nothing serious, all silliness

I tried being on the wagon, it just doesn’t work for me. I go all week without drinking most of the time an occasional happy hour thrown in for good mix but the weekend is meant for friends and drinking wine or whatever yummy concoction beckons and playing and talking nonsense and gibberish and telling secrets. So the no smoking thing yes I will work on but I’m not making any promises cause even though it’s so effing disgusting after all I really do enjoy it.

Lately, I’ve discovered Tracy and Avatar haven’t been wearing underwear. I’m going to tell you right here and now, I HATE wearing underwear. I don’t mind it so much if it’s cold something about extra clothing although small and insignificant it may seem every bit helps. However warm weather is a different story. NO PANTIES is my motto yes even with a skirt. And this is really absurd but I’m trying to loose weight so my breastses will shrink and maybe just maybe if I get to where I want I won’t have to wear a bra either this summer then I really be all like no underwear, woohoo.

I tried to warn you it’s all about the silliness of friday


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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