I’m sure you have heard about the Terry Schiavo case here in Florida and what her husband/parents/government think is the right to die or not… This is borderline ridiculous seriously

“Doctors have testified that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope for recovery and would live no more than a week or two without getting food and water through the tube inserted into her abdomen.”

If this was me I would come back and kick my parents ass, haunt them, raise some sort of havoc and once they died continue to kick their ass and whoever else responsible and I would show no fucking mercy, torment those motherfuckers

Let the poor woman go

I’m drawing a legal form up stating if I ever get fucked up and have to be kept alive well maybe just not exactly like that you know what I mean I never want to be kept alive when it’s my time that’s it no more let me go

can you feel my agitation

not to mention she’s been this way for fifteen…… fifuckingteen years


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