vat you vant??

can’t remember where i read or heard it and all of a sudden it’s so very true

you go through life thinking what you want to be/do when you “grow up” even though i’m not sure if you ever get there but off my tanget i go when i have realized i am grown up and i’d better decide what the new direction should be cause it’s not going to jump out at me i’m actually going to have to pursue and work for this next direction yet the question still lingers and i’m very prone to laziness and dreaming

the reason for some of my frustration of late

i’m a believer as i’m sure you know that everything happens for a reason well does the same apply to what you do in life that you are meant to do something in particular sort of goes hand in hand with everyone is good at something right?

yes i do have a faith in God although extremely weak and maybe this is where this train of thought stems from although i’m not content with that answer i have more faith in love than in anything as silly as some may find it i’m a hopeless romantic


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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