It’d be a lot cooler if you did

I wasn’t going to write today

but the first rule of blogging is

write every day


For you

btw Truth is writing again ….Nice to see

my g/f had her baby this past weekend and went to see the cute little thing last night

He is adorable, absoutely perfect in every explicable way with ten perfect little fingers and ten perfect little toes.

He was hungry while we were there and she waited until we left to finish feeding him he wasn’t too happy about it all crying to let his new mom know.

She was radiant as every mother with a newborn should and dad well he is on top of the world and it’s amazing to see.

Related how stange it was putting the baby in the car to go home from the hospital and she told the nurse “there’s a baby in my car” the nurse goes “yes dear, that’s your baby” and the realization of it’s coming home with me ……


It was very emotional.. she’s the first out of us girls to give birth

Had a good cry this morning over the whole thing thinking is this what I also too want out of life .. to be a mother or is it just that oh so wonderful biological clock that’s giving me fits.

whatever it is something has to give

and it will

and i’m not scurrrrred

peace out

ps it does wonders now and again to have a good cry


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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