The funniest thing about getting old is no matter what happens it doesn’t matter because you’re older and it’s expected.

Sitting at the breakfast table, my grandmother was drinking a bottle of orange juice while talking with her hands making it tip over and spill onto her lap and the carpet. When she picked her napkin up her dentures fell onto the floor and since my brother was closest I told him to pick them up, take them to the kitchen and wash them off besides getting some towels for the floor. He grimaced clearly not wanting to touch them and who can blame him, yucky dentures….. he’s smart though, took a napkin, picked them up and replaced them on the table (after washing of course). She hadn’t even noticed they had been dropped and she was a little embarassed telling him “you weren’t meant to see those” He was good natured about the whole thing.

Later on, sitting in the living room, I heard a thump from the upstairs and the next thing you know I heard a bell ringing. She had managed to fall down on her ass so she wasn’t hurt. I had to pick her up which wasn’t the easiest. We both had a good laugh about it afterwards.

My Mother is slightly deaf on one side and my father’s head nods all the time

Yes in a way it’s sad, but my grnadmother puts it best, When you cry, you go it alone, when you laugh, everyone laughs with you, so you might as well laugh.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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