holiday crapola

Are you

ready or not here I come

My company just announced they were not only changing insurance companies for the employees but the prices were going up too. Fortunately for me this is something I don’t have to worry about. Most of the others I work with though this is not a good thing for them any which way you shape it and all in time for the holidays…. wtf ?? Insurance for the regular joe is becoming more and more of a financial burden and quickly becoming if it isn’t already impossible for most. A growing concern that is not being properly addressed.

The other concern is the growing number of individuals ready soon to retire but with/on what. Social Security can’t take care it. A perfect example are my parents. My mother spent most of her life raising six children. She then finished college and is now teaching high school part time, finding work when and how she can. Providing she is offered a full time position, she still will not be eligible for retirement for another 20 years…. That would put her around the ripe age of 71. Again, I ask WTF

My father, he never finished college, instead was drafted into the Coast Guard, and received a dishonorable discharge. He has spent his life in construction, carpentry and trying to do the best he could to make ends meet. He now works for a plant nursery. He has no benefits or retirement. My parents are lucky, I repeat lucky to have health insurance.

I know this story isn’t one in a million. How many others are out there.

I tried to look it up uneventful in my search however listening to NPR last week , a doctor who had been in parts of Africa working with the less fortunate came back to the states and went to parts of Mississippi and Alabama where he stated the conditions were no better than a third world country.

Is this what we have to look forward to as the rich keep getting richer, set up walmarts on every other corner and subject the masses to the newest phase of reality tv.

Excuse me now I must go puke my guts out


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