Missing summer

Driving to work this morning listening to modest mouse my gaslight came on freaking me out. Dont know why but it does. Sitting there pumping gas the sun shone full force and it was warm and nice.

I thought about this past spring, waking up on the perfect morning, throwing the boards on top and the dogs in the back, driving out to the beach. The sand still a little cool to the touch with a slight warm breeze and the bluest sky imaginable. Laughing at the escapades from the previous evening, paddling out on a glassy ocean with the waves coming to greet us as the first washes over you invigorating your soul, awakening the senses.

I love the first cold weather taking away the heat and humidity however, just like that I’m ready for spring, ready to swim and sit in the sun drinking coronas on the beach on a lazy sunday afternoon.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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