all better

Came in this morning, checked my email and Tony‘s book is on it’s way! I can’t wait ~

I came in really late the other night (early morning rather) and my boy wasn’t very happy understandably.. I apologized with a card and flowers and was told “You’re a big girl, you can make your own decisions”…. Which wasn’t what I wanted to hear….. I do have a bit of a stubborn independent streak and drinking doesn’t help it. But he understands to a certain extent and these were some of my traits he first fell in love with. Taking the good with the not so good is all part of it and we take our turns being in the “doghouse” as long as we love each other at the end of the day and don’t hold any grudges ~

I really was a bad kitty and it was all in good fun and maybe one day I’ll tell you a story about it but it’ll have to be a while from now!

Posting Em and Lo’s Christmas List again, in a fit deleted some posts yesterday as I just wasn’t happy with them.


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