when we were young

Driving to the Christmas party the other night I passed the apartments where Stu used to live with Red. Haven’t heard from either of them in a while. We used to be inseparable. Fond memories I have. Red and I used to work together in a tex-mex resturant where every night was beer thirty around 9 or so. The place closed at 9:30 on the weeknights and later on the weekends. I’d close early if we were empty and inevitably got in trouble for it numerous times. I didn’t care.

Red and I ….. late nights, drinking red wine in the park, listening to local bands play their guts out before punk was dead and no one knew what emo was. Driving out to the beach with the boys in tow listening to Kind of Blue, laying on the sand looking up at the stars and laughing like little kids.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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