Alone time

I love alone time unlike some people who absolutely hate to be alone. I couldn’t imagine not having my down time. Sometimes I don’t like it however inevitably it’s always good for me makes me reflect, sometimes good sometimes not so much ….

listen to Bunny‘s song, she’s quite talented ~

Standing in line in the drug shop that’s been there since the 50’s waiting for the man behind the counter, I was the third person in line and it always takes a while so you have to be patient waiting in line you see and faintly I start to hear John Lennon’s Imagine in the background coming through the wall from the other store…. I start to sing it my head and then the man his name is Lorenzo is ready for me as we make our monthly conversational exchange, hello, how’ve you been, recovering from the hurricance all right ?? Lovely weather we’re having, it’s about time .. telling me this is the hottest October we’ve had since 1966, is that so I ask … well, have a good night and off I walk out the door…..

Running errands lately I seem to have the most random conversations and as I relate this to my anti social brother he tell me all small talk is shit and how it bores him but for me I enjoy it. The radomness of it. Waiting in line at another store, the girl behind me with her mom and newborn child not more than 3 months old, she was young and this was her third. I saw a sadness in her eyes.

Maybe small talk is shit and meaningless and not much comes out of it however for me it’s all about the little things in life …….. Give me a blue sky, a warm sun, a blooming flower, a child laughing, a purring cat, a smile from a stranger……..

You just never know

Life is what you make out of it


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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