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3 weeks ago we had hurricane fever.
Today I made an appointment to see my Doctor for depression
Started sobbing uncontrollably yesterday over just being stretched out so thin
My boy told me to go back to bed and maybe Iíd feel better
I ate and went back to bed and I did feel a little better it was a temporary thing
So today I made an appointment to see my Doctor for depression


Itís my momís birthday
I went to see the doctor
he gave me Lexapro
and now am having trouble typing this out as my brain doesnít want to cooperate with my fingers and get this out
I donít know if itís an effect from the drug already. Iím not feeling myself and having some difficulty concentrating.

Hope I feel better soon.

An hour later and feeling more myself not having so much trouble articulating or typing. Hope my body doesnít freak out and responds to this. Have a check up with the Doctor in three weeks to see what progression Iíve made.

My mom is making her own birthday dinner tonight. Made an attempt to talk her out of it. Didnít go over so well. She insisted on making dinner.

So ready for this day to be over and done with actually need a vacation from work from life in general would be nice but it donít stop and you have to keep playing along so went to the doctor song from the indigo girls pops in my head told k and e i liked girls last week really am off my rocker divulging all kinds of info I probably shouldnít yet canít help myself.

Did i mention i donít have internet and itís killing me leaving me to type incoherent nonsense

Started reading the Da Vinci Code Sunday night and am at least halfway through. Itís a quick read, fairly interesting and now i want to get on the web to check certain things out. For instance the Last Supper to see if indeed Mary Magdelene was present. It needs to be 5


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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