In the midst of storms

Sitting in yoga class Wednesday you could feel the storms coming in the air. It was entirely too quiet, hot and humid. Went out for a bit afterwards, had a glass of wine and smoked entirely too much weed but it was good and I was happy. Tried to tell the boys how almost had achieved the pose headstand (something I never learned to do as a child) so was pretty stoked about it. Of course the boys wanted to show me up with my boy easily demonstrating how it’s properly done. One of the others however is so tall he can put his feet on he ceiling. We told him he was cheating so attempts were made and he broke the lamp in the corner smashing it to pieces and scaring the shit out of me since glass went to the four corners of the earth. He came out unscathed grinning from ear to ear. So out we went and on a school night too joking all the time we felt at the moment we were in high school again.

Took a look at the weather channel Thursday morning where Bonnie wasn’t a serious threat providing us with a bit of surf and rain but that’s about it.

Today is the most glorious day we’re had since Spring with a cold front bringing cooler temperatures, lots of sun and a day that makes one glad just to be alive breathing in the fresh air ~ Tomorrow should be more of the same perfect weather for a pool party with all kinds of rowdiness!

I do feel for south florida where charlie (should have been named Clyde then we could’ve had bonnie and clyde) is pummling them unmercilessly however if you live in this state it’s a risk you got to take …..

Lately I feel well different, as if something within me has opened.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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