And we thought the hardest part was over

He called, all I heard was coughing and immediately knew something was wrong really wrong. I flew out of work. As I neared the house, I saw the ambulance and knew exactly where it was headed. We pulled up at the same time. He was sitting on the steps, drenched in blood. They stabalized him as best they could while I ran into the house grabbing his shoes and clean clothes. Blood covered the white kitchen sink. I followed them to the emergency room. They worked quickly, seeing trauma every day is no big thing for them, taking it in stride. His blood pressure dropped, dropped way down. The color had drained from his face and his body had broken out in a massive cold sweat. They let me stand by him holding on to him I asked him to look at me, stay with me, don’t close your eyes…. He said ” I love you”. After a few minutes what felt like years, his blood pressure came up. The nurses were squeezing bags of fluid as fast as possible with at one point 6 people working on him. All the time I stood at his side helping suction the blood coming out of his mouth. For a few minutes the bleeding lessened, taking a warm, wet, towel tried to clean him up. His face, arms and hands. For a few minutes everything seemed like it was going to be okay. He started bleeding again…. I buzzed for the nurse, shortly after a doctor came in and told us he was going to surgery. It was the only way to stop the bleeding. There was a crucifix above the door, said a quick prayer and made the sign of the cross trying hard not to cry. I kissed him before they ushered me to the waiting room.

I called my girl, i just needed to hear her voice. I called his mom, she came to sit with me. I called my mom for reassurance.

After about an hour, the doctor came out and told us everything had gone smoothly and he was in recovery. We waited for another hour before we were able to see him.

He was awake and sipping on some water, looking much better. His color had returned.

The nightly prayer came over the loudspeaker (it’s a catholic hospital). All three of us sat there with our eyes closed thanking God for our blessings.

His mom left after giving us both her love and I crawled into the hospital bed next to him holding on.

After a few hours, he was released. We drove home still in a bit of shock from the night’s events listening to jazz over the radio.

We walked in, he asked if i wanted some help in cleaning, i told him to no, to take a shower and relax.

we both crawled into bed exhausted and held onto each other throughout the night.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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