the shirt

had to be returned. It was a short sleeved striped shirt i had bought to go with a new pair of cream pants. However, one of the girls at the office had just worn it to work thus the return. So I’m standing in line and a short jewish lady comes in with a check and paper in one hand. She has dark curly hair,wearing rather large glasses with one of those chains your grandmother used to wear around her neck. I tell her she can go in front of me since I knew mine might take a bit longer. She said “thanks” and then proceeded to tell me, (of course in a nasal voice) “my kids are in here all the time,” “not a stitch, i tell you, not of stitch is one my back.” And then just sighs and shakes her head. She was killing me and didn’t even know it …

Speaking of my mother called the other day and left i swear it must have been like a 10 minute message and if you ask me what it was about…. there’s no way I could tell you. While listening to it I did feel as if I were in a Seinfield episode ~


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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