is it monday

because i’ve been going nonstop not a moment for air or food just water and tea and a little brie cheese and petite biscuits from France. Haven’t had enough water and know will soon be able to tell as soon as I leave the office for the day and can i tell you i billed over 8 hours today only accountable for 7.5 ugh want to leave and listen to some mellow music in the rat race to drive home traffic never used to be as bad as it is now but could be because it’s the height of the summer and we have lots of tourists that will soon go home while they’re here need to learn how to drive all getting in the fast lane in front of me and going 30 mph looking at the water as if they’d never seen water before maybe it’s true what they say about those landlocked crazy sons of beetches. Ciao motherf*ckers


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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