Party at the moontower

What a fantstic weekend ~ Had friends and family in from out of town all weekend, drinking, smoking, swimming, tequila shots at 3 in the morning. Boiled enough to feed an army, shrimp, crawfish, corn and a fish fry to boot.

It was a full moon Friday night sitting on the deck drinking red wine with good friends we don’t see much any more since they moved to ATL ~ My parents left to go visit family in north carolina leaving their siberian husky Mia behind so at midnight after a bong toke I decided she needed to be with us and just like that we took a ride to get her. Took a bit of adjustment from my dogs since they’re spoiled rotten and aren’t used to having to share me however they behaved throughout the festivities ~

My boy’s entire family came over Saturday day. The nieces and nephew were golden and not a single teary eye in the house. Naptime was in order after they left and a bit of cleanup to get ready for the night crew.

Somehow that night we went to a strip club and then back to a friends house where tequila shots were the order of the moment. It’s a bit of a blur and I felt like hell on the 4th when I should have been grateful for my freedom instead felt grateful for weed b/c without it I would have been under my bed wishing I was dead however it all worked out well and more friends came over to swim, eat and drink and indeed a good time was had by all and I was even happier when they all left and it was just me and my boy and the house was somewhat cleaned up but I wasn’t too concerned b/c I had someone coming in to help me the next day. My boy and I started craving pizza and after all the good food we had but couldn’t get one since all the pizza places had closed and it was too late we had to settle for a trip to whataburger and it hit the spot for sure.

Went to the neighbor’s house last night and heard a funny bizarre story as related… “I was driving in my jeep with the top down on the highway late at night hauling ass when I felt something hit my hand, I looked down and nothing was there so for a minute I just kept on driving but you know when you have the feeling that something just isn’t right?

So I turn the overhead light one and there’s a bat hanging upside down from my steering wheel right in between my legs. I get as humanly possible away from the steering wheel while continuing to drive. Pulled off at the next exit and jumped out of the car. Found a piece of plywood on the side of the road and sent the bat flying into the far blue rather black yonder. Then another car pulls up behind and me asks “did you see the girl in the middle of the road?” “Dude, I just had a bat in my car, what girl?” “There was a girl in the middle of the road, didn’t you see her?” “No way, glad I didn’t hit her, all I could think about was getting the damn bat out of my car.” So the police show up and I had to get out of there… didn’t know anything about the girl in the middle of the road at 1:00 a.m., I was all about the bat.”

Good friends, good wine, good food and good stories ~ Not much more I can really ask for in life is there? I’ve got it made now if only I can find ways to not be hungover I really will be set!


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