back in action somewhat not really

as I now need a day to sleep and recover from the 5 days I’ve been absent playing in San Destin and various areas. It really is a beautiful place with the most blueish green water and white sandy beaches. Went to lunch at a place in Seaside where as a side note the movie The Truman Show was filmed. At any rate, my lunch was spectacular sitting upstairs overlooking the gulf with the breeze caressing my entire being. It was surreal and incredibly peaceful. The first day in a long time I had the entire day to myself. I stumbled upon a fantstic interior design place with so many different fun types of home furnishings. Tremendously overpriced but fun to look at nontheless. Also found a great book store and had to spend at least an hour browsing and looking around.

The rest of the time …took a charter boat out to go fishing and managed to catch a decent sized snapper. Was pretty happy with that since there were about on average 40 people on the boat …. One of the mates caught a Remora, they attach themselves to the underbelly of Sharks. He stuck it’s head to his forearm, then afterwards told me to stick my palm on the top of it’s head. Suction cap action. Strange sensation indeed.

Quite a few little bars in which to get roudy and a good many of the clients present were exactly in that frame of mind and who were we to disappoint. went swimming at 2:00 in the morning the last night. A good time indeed and more importantly everything went smoothly for my boy.

It’s very good to be home sleeping in my bed, has to be one of the best feelings in the world, and nice to be back writing as I sorely missed it. Now I have a mountain of work to attempt to make a dent in so will have other thoughts for you in time ~


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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