Paris anyone ?

Wouldn’t it be absoutely lovely to go to paris for a week? I have yet to go to Europe. I stumbled over another blog who has a friend that rents a flat out. So very very cool ~ Maybe next year I will concentrate on a trip to the other side. This year it’s Costa Rica. It makes me a little sad to know I’m 30 and have never been overseas just for the experience. There’s so much to life ~ So many times we become caught up in the hum drum daily activities of life and forget what living should be all about.

Life is too short … I try to keep that in my head always so I will remember to never take anything for granted and always appreciate the sun shining on my head, good friends and to be happy no mattter what life throws at you. It’s too damn short and I never want to have any regrets.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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