for some reason

my entries are dated the 9th when it’s really the 15th … hopefully this will straighten itself out

I have no motivation to work today and want to play and read as much as possible.

Was hoping to have some nice weather for the excursion next week however looks like thunderclouds and rain. Will give me a chance to catch up on my reading.

I sent this boy an email and he hasn’t responded much to my chagrin. Doesn’t a person usually reply even if to say .. sorry no time now get up with you later….. He’s getting married on Sunday so maybe he has a good excuse. I was informally invited to the wedding, can’t go though seeing as I’ll be out of town something he’s not thrilled with I’m sure however what does he expect? It’s not like if I were to go it’d be the most comfortable thing in the world. This boy I tell you has red hair and can be so hardheaded and ridiculous. I suppose we all can. Have a feeling he’s going to be mad at me for a while…..or maybe he’s just really busy. It sucks though. He’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had and he had to go and do something he shouldn’t have. It’s something that’s never been completely let go. I love him but in a entirely different way than he will ever want or try to understand. I have none whatsoever sexual feelings towards him… and more importantly I have a boy I completely adore who is the other half of my soul.

He knows just how to irritate to me to no end…… F as in Fuck, U as in Under my skin, C as in Catlike reflexes, K as in Kitten, E as in Exceptional all but for you, R as in you Ratfink you


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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