It’s been a hectic week ~ Trying to get things (desk and to do list that never seems to stop growing) in order. Taking a few days off the week after next to accompany my boy to his annual users group convention. Last year it was in San Antonio. It was hot. This year it’s a lot closer to home being in San Destin. I tell my mom I have to go play “wife”

It’s always an interesting experience as the customers are mostly from small co-ops midwest and other various places. Most of them are real nice (just like that) and this is something they look forward to with a bit of enthusiasm. Last year I learned to “polka” think that’s right …. Went to see the Alamo which was somewhat disappointing as I expected something like a fort and visited several other places.

In the meantime I have a hella lot to try to accomplish before this little jaunt down the coast

and did I mention i have a new car …… i love it so much can’t help but look back after i park it and go “that’s really mine”

something else happened this morning that was a very small and insignificant however it made me so happy ….. it’s all about the little things

About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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