The liberty was a no go ~ I spent most of my Sat car shopping which by the way is a very tiring experience. I had to take a nap after it was all said and done and am now the owner of a 4runner ~ Yes I gave in and got a SUV but it’s not one of the big ones!! I had to fill it up with gas yesterday and was a bit worried as to the amount however it wasn’t much more than my honda so all is well that ends well ~ Besides I’m so excited I can hardly stand it…. It’s not “brand new” being a 2001 and all, but it’s new for me and it has air and the engine purrs.

Smarty Jones proved to us all that he really wasn’t one of the “great” ones much to our chagrin however one of these days another horse will be put to the test and pass.

Reagan died. That’s all I have to say about that without going into all kinds of drama. God rest his soul …….

I had a hangover free weekend and managed to score some weed without even trying ~

Flames and Lightning play the final game tonight and even though I’m pulling for calgary they better watch out b/c tampa really wants the cup

What a weekend ~ The next step is for me to get back into yoga ~ something I have severely neglected and my body knows it ~


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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