all about the little things isn’t it ?

One more week and I will greatly miss the daily rituals I have grown accustomed to

The former Judge becoming incredibly irritated at the slightest little thing, in the back room of the office, “G*ddamn” he yells in a gruff voice, “Are you okay?” is my response, “yea, I’m fine, it’s nothing” he replies as it was something he misplaced or just dropped his glasses.

This happens a minimum of 5 times a day. It makes me laugh.

Meatball making parties (he’s Italian) in the afternoons with his friends often inviting themselves bringing several bottles of wine to aid them in the process. Dropcloth is spread as to contain the mess yet they still manage to get meatball ingredients all over including the blinds. And the stories they weave… Everything from current gossip to reminiscing about past expoits and adventures to dirty jokes and I always know when it gets that way because they start whispering as to not offend me…..

There are true gentlemen left in this world and I am privilaged to know at at least 3

At length they will invite me in to the fray and share stories over a glass of wine…..

I’ve told them for future they must inform me of these meatball making events and I shall take the afternoon off!!

*Sigh* If only it were that easy…….

Listening to classical and jazz all day, the front door open letting the sun and warm air in.

It’s been a fantastic year with him and I am sad to leave …


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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