There are some perks to my job, for instance, We’re having a meatball making party in the kitchen, several of the local comrades have stopped in to open and try some new wine that’s just in. And as nice as they are, gave me a glass as well. Fortunately for me the wine merchant also stops in with some high quality shiraz… ummm I’m a sucker. Bought a superb bottle of port for the boy and a shiraz for me. Can’t remember the last time I even drank a bit of wine. still trying to get rid of this damn cough. ugh. btw.. re tested over the weekend and again negative so it would appear that all is well in this part of the world. Lucky me I suppose.
The boy is going out of town again next week for work. Should be a nice little break.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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